SAVANT HOME AUTOMATION. There has always been something present in the idea of how the future will be, and that is the idea of being able to anything from right from where you are standing. To turn off the lights when you are in bed, or to play your favorite album when you’re in the shower, or maybe warming up your home’s temperature all with your phone are things that you could only dream of 30 years ago, but the dream is here with Savant Home Automation.

What can Savant do at home?

  1. Give you control: Sometimes life throws so many responsibilities your way that is hard to feel as if you are handling things. The kids, cleaning the house, work, everything can get a bit overwhelming, but Savant is here to help. Giving you control over every electronic device at home on the palm of your hand. Turning off every light at home with just a single touch, or maybe starting to heat up the toaster while you finish to feed the baby is just that easy.

Worried that there is a glutton in the house eating all the cookies? Set an alarm for whenever someone opens the cookies drawer. If you fall asleep just press the goodnight button and everything that you set up will turn off in the house helping you save energy.

With Savant the environment is yours. Just program how you would like the place to feel, either like at dinner, waking up, or falling asleep, and you’ll always feel as if your home was an extension of yourself. Make everyone feel comfortable by making profiles for everyone. The kids, grandma, even the housekeeper; everyone can be recognized by the house and store their likings in the system too, allowing the system to know everyone’s place in the house.

  1. Home security: You can now rest efficiently, knowing that Savant is always vigilant at home. The security system is super tight, it warns you about everything that might jeopardize your home’s security.

Cameras, smoke detectors, and an alarm system all linked to your phone, you’ll even know if a fly is out to get you. Savant likes to know that you are safe, that is why if you are not sure of who is outside, you can lock the doors, close the shades, and talk through the Intercom feature of the Truecontrol app. You create a variety of settings for an inside look to keep your home safe when you’re out.

  1. Entertainment: Savant is also there to help you have a good time. Bringing the best of music and tv as you can program it to know what your favorite music and shows are, with just a couple clicks. Wake up to your favorite music and keep enjoying as Savant keeps a playlist of what you like.

Warm up your jacuzzi before getting home to relax from the tiring stress of the everyday life. If you feel like dying because your girl is taking way too long buying shoes, it is literally no problem because Savant is also there for you, just pop your phone and enjoy the football game live on NBC while she finishes shopping.


Be aware that Savant only offers the utmost quality in the best equipment’s. Being partners with a company such as Artison, creating speakers of 1st class since 2003. With Artison you are sure to get the best quality in the whole Home Audio project. Since the home’s atmosphere is so affected by the lightning in the room, it is of the greatest importance at Savant. Transforming scenes with a touch, by just using the TrueImage app, you only need to take a photo of your lights with this app and you’ll be able to handle them from your device. You can also control the atmosphere with Savant’s smart shades, that can darken or lighten up at your will. Quality second to none.

Should Savant Home Automation be your future?

Technology is going on very fast and the world goes with it, making the future you see in movies, become real. Becoming a client of Savant would mean you are already taking steps towards that future.

Life these days has become way to hectic and chaotic you need a service like the one Savant offers to keep up with it, besides, of the many perks you get from the automation. Should you get it? Anyone who doesn’t get on with it is going to stay behind in what new advances really have to offer. Make your home into something you can trust to take of you and your family… That is Savant is here


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