When you want to start a new life and live in a peaceful environment at home, the smart home Atlanta essentials are one of the aspects to consider when choosing a home equipped with the technology and tools necessary to provide the comfort we need.

Over the years, smart homes have gained popularity thanks to the number of solutions and benefits they bring to the family as a whole, as well as the endless opportunities we can take advantage of to make use of the technologies and apply them to our lifestyle.

Smart Homes

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a house with its own architectural design and advanced technology, all this integrated and developed together so that the people who inhabit it live comfortably.  The application of smart home essentials technology in homes consists of the simultaneous use of electricity, electronics and computers, used in the technical design of buildings.

Smart homes have the ability to distribute information by means of commands around the home so that it functions “practically” alone. By means of a call or an indication from a computer it is possible to order the closing of curtains, to control the heating, among other activities.

Until recently this type of housing only appeared in American cinematography, today it goes beyond imagination and has become a reality, now more and more people are betting on this type of homes. A smart home simultaneously uses electricity, smart home essentials, electronics and computers to create its own architectural design, in such a way that the people who live there enjoy greater comfort.

The real principle of this type of housing was given some years ago, when the United States and Japan began to use domotics, technology that allows remote control of home appliances and appliances.

The advanced technology, one of the elements that characterize them can be applied both to houses and apartments, in large cities or rural areas. In our country there are some houses of this type but they are not completely intelligent, they have some elements such as water control and soap control.

What kind of technology do they use?

There are two types of technology applied to homes to perform the tasks requested:

  • Telemetry: a system of remote commands that requires a computer (PC) to perform an action. The person can visualize his house and by means of a software it indicates the tasks that it requires. This system works with broadband Internet service.
  • Domotics: technology that allows you to interact with a home, through a cell phone. It works in a similar way to telemetry, only that it uses mobile devices (cell phones) to execute an order.

Automated homes offer the possibility of performing different activities without the need for the resident to be present as:

  1. Open and close doors, windows and electric gates.
  2. Switching alarms on and off.
  3. Turn on and off lights and electrical appliances throughout the house.
  4. Heating the home.
  5. Listen and see what is happening in the home from the office.


  1. Own security and that of each one of the members of the house, through automatic control devices such as: intrusion and panic alarms, fire and smoke control, internal and remote surveillance.
  2. Saving of energy, through the control of the internal temperature of the premises, the control of the illumination and thus of the control of the consumption of the electrical appliances.
  3. Communication with the outside, through access to the Internet network, intercommunication within the home, and linking all advanced application systems.
  4. Control of installations and electrical appliances. It is possible to program the exact hour so that these are turned on.
  5. Automatic cleaning: Through air ducts strategically located allows the connection of the implements used in the cleaning.
  6. It contributes to the reduction of energy consumption through the control of the internal temperature of the premises, the control of lighting and as well as the control of the consumption of household appliances, resulting in greater savings and care of the environment.
  7. Automatic cleaning: Through air ducts strategically located allows the connection of the implements used in the cleaning.

Although its main disadvantage lies in the price because this is higher than the rest of the homes and depends on the facilities available to the smart home Atlanta essentials, today builders and home automation specialists are working together to build automated housing units, which in the long term are more economical for all the savings they generate.

It is inevitable, technology is catching up with us, so we just need to be well prepared and open to accept all the possibilities that will allow us to live safer, more comfortable and with the certainty that we are saving and at the same time collaborating to have a healthier environment for us and our children.


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