Have you ever felt the need of experiencing cinema from the comfort of your home? Well, Atlanta Home Theater it’s here for you, being the best possible option that you can get for this intimate audio-visual experience. This service will not only kill the boredom out of any day, but it will bring your family closer together. Picture yourself coming along with your loved ones at the end of the day, to watch whatever you decide.


This experience is a must have for cinema fans, giving you the full big screen experience literally at any time you want, maybe one day you might feel like watching ¨Rebel without a cause¨, a movie that only plays at certain independent cinemas at very specific dates you would be able to watch it whenever you please. It’s the best choice out there, and you are sure not to regret it.

Atlanta Home Theater

History and recognition of Atlanta Home Theater


Atlanta Home Theater was founded in 1996 and since then it has been a complete success. Born from the mind of Scott and Jennifer Ross, who are natural entrepreneurs. Partners at business and marriage they have held this company in the highest spot for over 20 years, making it better by the second.

Also, been one of the most notable pioneers in what home automation is today, this company is all about the future as they are always striving and progressing into it. This company’s success can be reflected just by looking at its headquarters, the largest home entertainment and automation showroom in the world will leave you breathless, with 12.000 thousand square foot, three stories and the team dwelling behind the doors, you’ll believe that the place is worthy of praise.


You can see the fabulous displays of technological display of AHT’s work. The castle will make you need to get a home cinema for yourself right away. In 2000, CEDIA {Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association}, decided that AHT should be awarded both most prestigious Industry National awards. ¨Best Home Theater¨ and ¨Best dealer¨ awards in the million-dollar category. They have gone to get more awards and being featured as the cover or in the protection of many industry magazines

The creation of your experience

1. The team; The team behind the creation of your cinema is vastly experienced, with some having 16 years working with Atlanta Home Cinema and some over a decade. Every single staff member is very educated, talented, and passionate at what they do, and strive their hardest every day so that every individual client will be satisfied with the service they were given.

2. The services; The services are offered at Atlanta Home Theatre rivaled to no other if you don’t believe it then check our client reviews. See for yourself how satisfied everybody is, how they talk about our people and the way they have been treated, you’ll see how our staff is all about being professional and the perfectionist at the time of working.

Do not think that you will be clueless during or after the programming of the system, as you are going to be walked through all the stages of the process and taught how to properly use them so that at no time you will have trouble with the system. This’ll make the process easier on yourself although it is not very complicated. Our vendors are of the best quality, meaning that you won’t get anything below that. Varying from Samsung to Sony and Epson, you are sure to get the best equipment installed at home.


The best sound and visual being installed at home will make you feel as if you were in a big franchise cinema, with 4K and 3D range of TV’s, the best surround sound that you will ever have the pleasure of hearing, making movies feel as if they were really happening before you. They not only focus on the visual-audio side of things, everyone knows that to feel like you are in the movies it needs to also look as if you were there, bringing the Red chairs, the lightning, and the self-contained space that characterizes movies you’ll truly get the feel of the popcorn smell as you watch films.


Atlanta Home Cinema

Atlanta Home Cinema

Should you get the Atlanta Home Theater service?

You’ve heard a lot about the service being good, but is it worth it? The answer to that is yes. You do not have to be addicted to movies for it to be a great thing to have in your home. And with one of these, you will find yourself becoming addicted to them. If you are a person who is truly a fan of movies, a film reviewer, an actor, or director, then you’ll find that this is a golden opportunity. As there is no better way to view the film in depth than in the way it was made to be viewed…. In the theater.

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