If you want to mount a Surround system in your home theater, Surround Sound Atlanta, offers you the great variety of sounds with their respective installation so that you want to sit in the room, with the greater comfort and the best sound that you prefer. Our technicians need the plans of the design of the theater of your house with the form and the size of the room so that they are dependent in respect to the size of the screen and it is of paramount importance to position the area of the seat with respect to the size of the screen of visualization to be able to create a perfect experience of cinema in house.

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Where do you want to put your surround sound in your home theater and what would its costs be?

There are many options to consider, technically and financially, in Surround Sound Atlanta there are several sounds for home theater that have an average cost between $1,000 – $25,000. You can also order it from the Amazon store where there are more than 700 possibilities for home theater speakers so you can exercise at home or barbecue with your friends.

But thinking about it, it is necessary to plan where the surround sound is going to be installed in the living room of your house, for it our technicians need the designs of the plans of your house so that they have the total idea of where to install it and can have the greater experience of having a good cinema in house no matter what it costs, for that reason next we will speak to them the good places that you can have your surround sound in a comfortable way:

The room

The room in your house is the most comfortable place where you can have the best surround sound when watching TV or listening to music with all the tranquility, most likely you know where to locate your installation where the technicians  of Surround Sound Atlanta, although each of the spaces you have in the room have special considerations in terms of comfort to have excellent sound quality, there are many common factors.

  • The shape of the room

Room shapes tend to produce very strange harmonic distortions, so if you have a choice, you need for a rectangular room and plan to place the screen and main speakers along a short wall for better sound projection.

  • The windows

Windows can be a double factor when installing surround sound in your room, are hard surfaces that reflect the distortion of audio that causes a loud sound and admit light that can produce reflections on the viewing surface of the room.

Heavy curtains help, but that means closing them each time the home theater system is turned on for home theater viewing. If necessary, it’s best to opt for a window treatment that fits the window shutters to seal the light.

  • The walls

Walls play an important role in the installation of surround sound because if you have a normal plaster wall it is a decent surface suitable for supporting the sound on the walls of home theater systems. It is most appropriate not to add an artwork framed with glass, as it reflects too much of the sound and light from the room. With respect to concrete walls, they are also good for having better frequencies for surround sound, preventing echoes and having better sound absorption.

The Sound

The sound of the speakers is wonderfully pleasing as the technology is very advanced, and the competition between the leading speaker manufacturers we have at Surround Sound Atlanta has helped turn sound reproduction into a clear-cut work of art in your living room. What it means is that if you choose a good home theater system it is likely to be of very high quality.

Most surround speakers are designed to produce sounds from areas specific to the environment of your home, such as when a train comes or a gun is fired during a movie scene. These are sounds that are heard through good speakers that you buy from our company for the comfort of your home.

A 5.1 surround sound means a high range of five-star speakers when you place it in your room, having a good position with a good angle at least 20 inches from the walls.

The ideal distance for surround sound speakers for a home theater at home, has to be very indicated so that you do not have hearing problems, since some speakers have delays faults, creating a sound projection for each speaker of your surround sound.

Another very important point at the time of mounting a surround sound in your home theater of your house, is the view since many experts in this area that the best angle to see are between 30 and 40 degrees in which this leaves you a better comfort for your sight.


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